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I had just gotten out of a three week hospital stay during the harshest point of my radiation treatment on Halloween and decided that 18 was still not too old to go get candy.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Wake up from Dad
   Submitted by Ravens Zuta (Me Lovely Mum)
 South Central, Texas
My father, a hard-working fellow, was ill for quite some time before he left this existence. My four sisters and I would always talk about how Dad always looked out for us, and we figured he would probably continue to do so from wherever he was. The October after his death, I made the monumental decision that I had had enough of seventh graders and since my health was suffering, I quit. Didn’t put a lot of planning into the event, just decided enough was enough and out the door I went.

A few weeks passed and as was my new custom, I would lie down on the couch in the living room in the afternoon and read and usually fall asleep. On this particular afternoon, I was awakened by someone poking me in the back . . . hard! I grudgingly opened my eyes, mumbled something, and then realized that no one was there and my back had been to the couch, not outward. I sat up! I looked around, listened. Nothing happened. Then I chuckled and said, “Okay, Dad, I’m up, I’m up!” I didn’t pass my time in the afternoons on the couch for a long time after that and tried to be sure that I stayed as busy as possible . . . just in case.

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