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Monday, October 8, 2012


Sensing Someone
Submitted by Belle DiMonté 
St. Louis, Missouri

Once I was home alone and I got this very strong feeling that I was not, actually, alone. I peered all around me but found no-one of course because it seemed for all intents and purposes that I was honestly alone. But I could not shake off the feeling of being watched, of being tailed...so I gathered up all my courage and shouted, “Is there anybody here?” and at that very second, a painting fell off the wall with a clatter, freaking me out horribly. I locked myself in the bathroom with all the lights on and did not come out until someone returned home. I quickly forgot about the whole incident until a few days later, when I was lying in bed one night... (I hear you all going “AAAAH!” but no, wait for it...) and right as I was about to drift off to sleep, I felt a blazing hot aura sidle from the farthest wall to the foot of my bed. It freaked me out. I thought I was dreaming, so I sat up, staring at the hot aura, staring, but I saw nothing. I laid back down. The aura did not go away. It only came closer, burning hotter and hotter. I felt the sensation of someone peering at me. I sat up again. There was nothing. The space at the bottom of my bed was completely empty and dark, though I could feel something very hot and very keen, peering, just peering. And the aura stayed for a long while. 10 minutes or more, until it at last just passed over me, passed into the wall behind me, and was gone. I shivered into a restless sleep. A few days later, I felt another hot aura sidle through the walls, only this aura was a different one than before, followed closely by another hot aura. The two auras danced swiftly over my bed, passing over and above me, and I distinctly heard—though no words were actually said aloud—a young man’s voice saying, “Excuse me, we’re just passing through,” and then I heard the sound of a car alarm blaring in the distance. I feel that on the first night I had been sensing the spirit of a departed family member come back to "check up" on me, for the aura did not feel malicious, only concerned, and perhaps a bit sad. That second night I think I sensed the auras of two young men who had died in a car accident passing on their way from the car to whatever is on the other side...perhaps...perhaps not...but this is what I honestly feel...though I have never sensed such spirits again!

Belle DiMonté
Co-Editor, Into the Willows
An Ezine of Fantasy and Fey Verse

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