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I had just gotten out of a three week hospital stay during the harshest point of my radiation treatment on Halloween and decided that 18 was still not too old to go get candy.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Hospital Foot Steps
Submitted by Jamie O'Connell

Here's one for you...

When I was sixteen, I was hurt pretty badly and paralyzed. You spend a lot of time in the hospital lying awake staring at the ceiling. I started counting things to keep my brain from losing it. Cracks in the tiles, tiny holes in the tiles, the number of times the fire alarm blinked in an hour... stuff like that. I also started counting footsteps in the hallway during rounds. One night I was in a lot of pain and couldn't sleep. I started counting footsteps to take my mind off it. A lot of nursing staff wear rubber soled shoes and they have a particular squish on linoleum. So it's the middle of the night and I hear the tread of heavy shoes. No squish. It caught my attention because it was so out of place. I listened to the thud go down the hall and vanish. A nurse came to check on me and give me meds and I asked about it. She swore up and down there was no one on the floor with shoes like that. Visitors? It was the middle of night. Was I hallucinating? My pain meds had worn off. I never heard it again, but I'm convinced it was a ghost.

Jamie O'Connell

Thanks for this Fox! I'm going to enjoy reading all of them

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