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I had just gotten out of a three week hospital stay during the harshest point of my radiation treatment on Halloween and decided that 18 was still not too old to go get candy.


Check out my story in this anthology. Some amazing authors in here!

Fox True Ghost Tales Blog

I’m looking for true ghost stories. Did your grandfather pop by and say goodbye to you when you were a child, then you’re mother told you he died that morning? See a Civil War Soldier march across your living room? I’m doing a True Ghost Stories blog for Halloween for fun. It’s not really an official publication, just friends talking about their experiences.

Stories don't need to be scary, just true. Please submit even if you're not a formal author. Treat it like you're telling a friend about an experience you had. Relax and have fun.

They need to have happened to the author, not secondhand, or say the family, some kind of shared experience with Casper. Please keep ‘em on the shortish side, maybe like 1500-2000 words at most, but this is a loose blog. Don’t stress over it. Please read over for proofing. Paste them into the email. I’d rather not open attachments.

If you can, please include a location of the tale say city, state, country and area, a date or general date. Also let me know if you want your name in the story or anonymous. And include any links you'd like. I'll put them at the bottom of the story.

I reserve the right not to post all the tales. And I ask that you keep them clean of course, the kind of thing you could share in general company.

PHOTOS WELCOME: Got a photo of a specter? A spooky orb shot? Pictures tell stories too. Send them on in. I’ll post photos but be warned that I have an eye for double exposures or trickery. Though it is all in fun. And if you've got any spooky halloween photos too, send them on in.

I’ll post the updates as they arrive, probably one or two a day. I've already gotten 11 stories to put up. Follow the blog to read more.

Thanks and . . . GET YOUR FOXY-SPOOKY ON!! Pass this on to friends.  

Email to foxghost@comcast.net.  
Blog: http://foxghosttales.blogspot.com/


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    1. Forgot a few details… sent it again.

    2. Got it Tori. I'll let you know when it goes up. Thank you so much. I'm spreading out good ones.

  2. Check out, ''THE GHOST OF GLADSTONE VILLA'' A genuine case.