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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Bear’s Ghosts
Submitted by Rebecca Brown
Cardiff, Wales, UK

When I first saw a 'ghost', I must have been about seven or eight. He was a relatively short man dressed in dark green who stood in the corner of the room and admired his own fingernails. There was nothing frightening about him. Nothing intimidating. I liked his hat and told him as much. Mostly, he ignored me. 

Photo by Rebecca at Llandaff Cathedral, Wales.  
 That was the first time. It wasn't the last time I saw something or even the last time I saw that man in particular. 

There were regular visitors and 'occasionals' who made an appearance.

Mostly, they ignored me. There was a man with a wood axe once who brought the blade down as if to cut me. I don't think he saw me and I don't think he meant to hurt me. In his 'reality', there was wood. He cut it. It wasn't pleasant, though... 

There were a few 'unusuals' too. 

Things which didn't make sense. From time to time, I saw people who were almost definitely alive. Usually, a little bit of investigation found that they were sleeping at the time or otherwise unconscious. Maybe they 'wandered'. Maybe they were thinking of me. I don't know.

I still see things you might class as 'ghosts' sometimes. Mostly, they still ignore me. When they don't, they're rarely threatening. I've 'encouraged' some of them to make their way to wherever it is they're meant to be - but that isn't always appropriate. Some of them, I think, are just echoes. A fading trail. There's nothing left to go because they already went a long time ago. 

Llandaff Cathedral, Wales

Orbs are paranormal activity caught on photographs. Some paranormal researchers believe them to be aspects of spirits. -- Fox

There's definitely something there, but I'm not convinced the photos show anything but dodgy photography if I'm honest - see what you think :) -- Rebecca Brown
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