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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fox True Ghost Tales - 2013 - Haunting A'New!

Time to get your Fox-Spooky on again for another October . . .

I clawed onto the last few days of summer, unwilling to surrender my sandals, shorts and poles, but time beats us with a hammer. I accept the turn of the seasons, and with the coming of October comes the benefit of tales of ghosts, hauntings and demonic infestations. I get giddy.

So I announce the re-opening of the FOX TRUE GHOST TALE PROJECT. I hope to post at least twenty new true stories, photos and/or art depictions of personal experiences. Check the submissions tab for information. I've given the blog a bit of mortician's facelift, and I'll be adding some new artwork and touches as the week goes by.

I have several new stories to share, and I'll be posting one every few days until we get deep into October country. I'm also planning some cool interviews, and I'll keep you posted. What I need is more stories! So tell your friends and share these links in social media. It seems everyone has been touched by the other side, and my readers want to hear about it. This isn't a zine just for authors. This is for everyone to send me your stories. Think of it as writing a friend an email about your encounter with the paranormal.

The first story goes live tonight! And I'll leave up last year's body for a few days then move it to an archive. I really want to see more photos this year! Also if you've got any events this October you'd like to promote, I'll be setting up a schedule page for things like craft fairs, haunted houses, planned possessions. So let me know!

Time to get that Fox Spooky On!

--T. Fox Dunham
Ghost Stories sent to foxghost@comcast.net

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