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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Submitted by Arkanthis Rattus
California 2005 – The Whaley House Museum

Although it’s not the scariest or strangest thing to happen to me, my first trip to the Whaley House museum in San Diego, California was notable not only for my impressions, but a photo I discovered when I got home.

I arrived just as it opened. I was the only one there initially, besides a tour guide who remained downstairs in one of the chairs in the entry hallway. He encouraged me to take photos and to explore as much as I wished. I felt a bit of a heaviness in the courtroom area, where guests first go in. Then I proceeded on through, getting a very definite feeling that I was not alone in the dining room. As I went up the stairs I would have sworn someone was standing there, and took several pics. The bedrooms were interesting, but are closed to entrance by guests with Plexiglass partitions. This makes it easy to see the rooms, but impossible to photograph without getting weird reflections and tricks of light.  So I made my way to the room with the stage.

An orb spotted here--a glimpse of a spirit?

Here I experienced immediate nausea and a terrible headache. This room had a very dark, angry feel to it, unlike the rest of the house. I sat down in one of the chairs, but had to leave. On my way downstairs I again felt that someone was standing on one of the steps. I snapped several pics. Because of my throbbing headache I needed to leave. I passed the guide as he headed upstairs. On my way out I was stricken by the very strong feeling that I should turn back and snap another photo. So I did, focusing on the entry hallway where there are three chairs.

Someone sitting in this chair?

When I arrived home and felt better I studied the photos I had taken. There was nothing much on any of them, except one. On that final pic I saw something odd. Underneath the chair in the hallway where the guide had been sitting was an abnormality. I couldn’t dismiss it as a reflection or light anomaly. I could make out an outline of a form, and noticed that it had substance, appearing both behind and in front of the bottom rungs of the chair. It looks like a cat to me. There may also be a kitten in the seat of the chair, but that is more ambiguous. See what you think…..


Orbs are often caught glimpses of spirits on camera, a part of their being that manifests in the light. They can often reveal parts of the body or face if studied close enough. They are common in haunted settings and sensitive to being filmed.

Thank you Arkanthis for these excellent photos!


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