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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mobster Swears

From John C. Fowler is founder of the Midnight Watchmen, a paranormal investigation group in the Philadelphia area. To close out this session of the Fox True Ghost Story Project, I have included a story of an EVP or an Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Mobster Swears
Submitted by John C. Fowler
Philadelphia PA

We have tested and debunked many pieces of equipment over the years, but a few have given us surprises along the way using a Shack Hack (radio shack radio hacked to be more of a Frank’s Box which scans radio frequencies that spirits can allegedly use), we were at Stemie’s Place former Black Horse Inn in Easton, PA & while investigating the basement we stopped by the steps area that Johnny (a mobster) was shot and killed at with a Tommy Gunn. We turned on the shack hack and started asking questions immediately it started cursing at us F You, F off… now this device uses regular FM/AM stations… so nothing like that should be coming over the airwaves. It continued cursing and even saying I am 6. At that point the room began to feel like we were surrounded and being watched, unnerving the 3 of us in the room. I continued asking questions until I asked another investigator to come down and see if it continues after I left…. It changed and stopped cursing and instead had voices that said please don’t hurt me… listening to the audio later during review made me realize we had special night indeed at the building!

John C. Fowler - Midnight Watchmen - Founder; Paranormal Dictionary - Founder;

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