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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cell Phone Apology

We received this story from an attorney in reference to his client. Often spirits can't leave before finding resolution with loved ones for offenses or hurt in life. Now spirits have access to modern technology, and through this we can record evidence of their contact. I love this story, and I'm happy to have it for the archive.

Cell Phone Apology  

Some may think this story comes out my imagination. They would be wrong. I was one of three witnesses that evening. I am an attorney. My client is a member of the clergy, and her phone recorded a part of the incident.

I was meeting with my client, an old client whose husband just passed. We were sifting through documents and personal papers in order to file his estate with the Court.

In life the deceased was a good and generous man, kind to a fault and ever ready to help anyone in need. But he shielded his wife from a number of financial problems that arose because of his large and giving heart.

After about an hour my client, the widow, broke down crying and shouting; lashing out hysterically at her deceased husband. I tried to calm her but her grief and rage grew louder and stronger. Then the phone rang.

It was early evening, so I suspected it to be a friend or family member looking to console or check in with the widow. Tear soaked, she quieted as the phone rang and the voicemail feature did not kick in. She took a deep breath, had a curious look on her on face and reached for the mobile phone in front of her. Almost instantaneously, she threw the phone back on to the table and began shrieking.

I picked up the phone and recognized the number from the caller id. It was her husband's cellular that sat on a kitchen counter just a few feet away. I answered the call shouting his name and mine. I could hear breathing and static on the other end of the line but could not determine if anyone was speaking. Within a few moments the call dropped and the line disconnected.

The widow sat staring at me in disbelief, wide eyed and silent. I made my way over to her late husband's phone and checked it for calls. There, under dialed was the date and time, as well as the phone number of the call we just received. The chill that ran up my spine quickly spread to my entire body. For the next twenty minutes we both would glance at each other without a word.

This isn't anything I can explain other than to say it was a call from the grave.

Since that incident she has told me of two other calls. Each time she picks up the phone she tells her husband that she is fine and the calls then cut out.

He hasn't called in some time. She has since cancelled his account but she still cherishes that phone.

I understand why.

Thank you,
Joseph J. Patchen


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