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Friday, October 31, 2014

No One Can Move a River

And for our final two pieces, I give an experience by artist Amy Rims and a piece about EVP from ghost hunter, John C. Fowler. Amy is my illustrated. She illustrator my first anthology in which I share the table of contents with Jay Wilburn, The Siren and the Dragonfly. We are releasing a second anthology, The Rip & Rhythm, coming out by the end of the year.

No One Can Move a River
Submitted by Amy Rims
Sellersville PA

I went to the park downtown one sunny afternoon to explore my new hometown of Sellersville. I was standing at the edge of the creek, watching the water move across the rocks and the fish swim between them. A man said to me "no one can move the river". I turned to say "oh yeah?" but no one was there. No one was even near me but a lady jogger. So I filed that away as lunacy and walked on.

Weeks later, I was walking through the same park with a Perkasie native, who was telling me how Lenape Park was at one time an Amusement Park, when the area was filled with rural Christian retreats. He showed me remains of the roller coaster tracks hidden within the forested slopes. We walked the bridges that once supported a trolley. I learned many things about the local history. Then I remembered the man saying to me "no one can move the river" and I asked "did they ever try to move the river?" He told me, " Oh yes, at one time there was a swimming hole created when they dammed up the water and dug out the land. Right along the field where some guys were playing disk golf over there. The trouble is the field always floods when it rains".


I want to say thank you to all my submitters this year. It was a most successful run with some excellent content. Keep reading below for John's piece.

The Dragonfly and the Siren is a collection of dark, disturbing stories by two of the field's rising stars. Jay Wilburn's stories have appeared in many anthologies, including Volume 5 of The Best Horror of the Year. His debut novel, Loose Ends, was published by Hazardous Press. T. Fox Dunham has appeared in nearly 200 international journals and anthologies. His first novel, The Street Martyr, will be published by Out of the Gutter Publishing in 2013. Cover and interior artist Amy Rims is an emerging artist. She creates wonderful artwork ina wide range, from twisted and macabre, to bright and beautiful.


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