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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Campfire Month

Campfire Ghost Stories
From Collector T. Fox Dunham

We gaze into the hypnotic flicker of campfire flames, and our minds dream—campers and fire-goers, enjoying the ancient fire medium as we gather in the forest and fields. We gather our moss to spark, smolder and fallen limbs to burn, fighting the oldest battle of humankind: to expel the darkness. And when we seek a weapon to join in this physical battle of survival—a nourishment for the mind and spirit—we wield the story. This ritual is not just one of entertainment. The story is survival.

What kind of stories are told around campfires? Traditionally, we turn to ghost stories or tales of darkness to scare. These yarns imbue the circle with a means of taming those forces beyond human control and create wonder by testing the perceived limits of the physical world. There is a power in storytelling, and I share this power with you. I have long enjoyed the magic of telling ghost stories around a campfire, and when the stories are true—as all folklore possesses an element of truth—they can possess you.

So, in the two year tradition of The Fox True Ghost Story Project, I bring seven paranormal tales to fuel your campfire narratives, collected from international believers. Again, I do not seek to validate these stories, because that is not the purpose of folklore. I am here to collect, catalog and archive. So please enjoy my special campfire tales which I will be posting through the month of august.

And don’t forget: Get your Foxxy summer spooky on!

T. Fox Dunham is an internationally published author, member of the Horror Writer’s Association and story teller. He’s been published in multiple magazines, journals and anthologies. His first novel, The Street Martyr, is being produced into a motion picture by Throughline Films, and he’s finishing edits on his third novel, Mercy, a horror-medical thriller for Blood Bound Books. He’s a cancer survivor. His friends call him fox, being his totem animal, and his motto is: Wrecking civilization one story at a time. Site: www.tfoxdunham.com. Blog: http://tfoxdunham.blogspot.com/. http://www.facebook.com/tfoxdunham & Twitter: @TFoxDunham

From Horror Author T. Fox Dunham:

“I am the blighted one,” the voice spoke with its own flesh mouth, before the warriors came and ripped it from him. 
-- Digging Sandcastles by T. Fox Dunham

Available now from editor Florence Ann Marlowe and Noodledoodle Press, Terror at the Beach, featuring stories from many excellent horror authors and my short story. 

 TABLE OF CONTENTS: John 20:29' by Delphine Bosswell 'Meltdown' by Daniel Breitenfeldt 'Undercurrent' by David Court 'By the Light of A Drowning Sun' by Matthew R. Davis 'Digging Sandcastles' by T. Fox Dunham 'Under The Boardwalk' by Robert Hart 'The Sand Whirl' by David Longshore 'Salt Water Taffy' by Florence Ann Marlowe 'The Best Honeymoon Ever' by T. M. McLean 'Canned Crab' by Nick Nafpliotis 'Ride the Devil' by J. T. Seate 'Tourist Trap' by A. P. Sessler 'The Dare' by Gregory St. John.  

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